Top 10 Election Videos
by AJ Block


The 2008 Presidential Election has been called The YouTube Election for the amount of coverage it has received through internet video. YouTube videos have been credited for aiding all of the candidates, most notably Ron Paul and Barack Obama. Here are some of the videos that made this the YouTube Election.

1. “Chuck Norris Approved”: Mike Huckabee says, “My plan to secure the border, two words: Chuck Norris.”

2. “Jon Stewart to Mitt Romney: F You!”: After Mitt Romney says that continuing his campaign would be like “aiding a surrender to terror,” Jon Stewart of The Daily Show drops the F bomb on him.

3. “How Do We Beat the Bitch?”:
In reference to Hillary Clinton, a female John McCain supporter asks him “how do we beat the bitch?” After the room bursts into laughter, McCain responds with “can I give the translation?” and “that’s an excellent question.”

4. “Yes We Can”: of Black Eyed Peas fame got together a celebrity line up to sing and perform some of Barack Obama’s most inspiring quotes alongside the candidate himself.

5. “Vote Different”: Hillary Clinton is portrayed as Big Brother in George Orwell’s 1984. This video is a mashup of footage from an Apple ad that introduced the Macintosh in the year 1984, which can also be found on YouTube.

6. “Super Obama Girl”: Chuck Norris, Bill Clinton and John McCain’s mother all get punched in the face by our half-naked hero. Also check out “I’ve Got A Crush on Obama,” the music video which skyrocketed Obama Girl to fame.

7. “Hillary and the Band”: Hillary’s past life as a rock star: “some people called it, the comeback of the guitar solo.”

8. “Changes – Presidential Candidates Feat. Bowie”: Montage of candidate speeches cut to the lyrics of David Bowie’s “Changes.” This video points out how every candidate in this election is promising change.

9. “Ron Paul on Fox & Friends (PT.1of 2) 12-18-07”: Ron Paul is asked if he thinks a Huckabee Christmas ad that subversively puts a cross in the background is appropriate. Paul responds by implying that Huckabee may be advocating a form of fascism.

10. “Obama to Hillary: I look forward to you advising me”: In a debate before the Iowa caucus, Barack Obama is questioned about his limited foreign policy experience and how choosing many former Clinton advisors as his own will differentiate him from other candidates. Hillary laughs out loud. Obama responds by telling Hillary, “I look forward to you advising me,” and answers the question.


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