Get ‘Outta My Head’ Already
by Tracy Bueno


Well 2008 is off to a pretty good start and I decided to hunt for new songs online, whether on AOL or the radio. During my winter break I came across a song from Ashlee Simpson, who’s coming back onto the music scene after 2005’s I Am Me.

“Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya)” is her first single off her upcoming album, which comes out later in the spring. Sometimes you forget that she’s, well, a singer since she is best known as Jessica’s sister and for her infamous nose job and makeover.

This song, produced by Timbaland, has more of his signature beats that’ll get inside your head and stay there. (See, One Republic’s “Apologize”. “Outta My Head” is catchy and danceable, taking a page from early 80’s songs with keyboards in the background. At first, one might be skeptical about this song due to its potential cheesiness, “Get outta, outta my head,” “Ay Ya Ya/ You’re talking way too much” but it catches you, motivating you to get up and dance. Or work out. Whatever it is, you won’t resist listening to it.

“Outta My Head” is available now on iTunes.