Tuesday, November 12th 2019

Op-Ed: Graduate Student and TA Speaks Out on Deltopia 2014 Riot

Editor: I write this evening because I feel that there is an important, even necessary, aspect of this weekend’s unfortunate riot in Isla Vista that...

Op-Ed: A Letter to Janet Napolitano in the Name of Religious Tolerance

Hi Janet,           I saw the recent schedule change the UC system adopted in order to accommodate the Jewish holidays and was overjoyed. I'm not...

Op-Ed: The Problem with Thanksgiving

Brian Clearwater Religious Studies Lecturer The problem with Thanksgiving is that it celebrates a real event in isolation from the fuller context of history. While it’s...

Op-Ed: AS Executive Officers Endorse Presidential Candidate and Take Corrective Action

Sophia Armen Yoel Haile Nadim Houssain Mayra Segovia Rhandy Siordia AS Executive Officers Throughout every elections cycle that occurs at UCSB, students are inundated with an immense amount of information....

Letter to the Editor: Why You Should Vote TBL

Michael Kenney KCSB General Manager We as students face a continuing uphill battle to protect our rights to information even though we attend a public institution....

Letter to the Editor: Why I Asked for a Secret Ballot

Taryn Sanders Associated Students Off-Campus Senator At the Senate meeting on 4/10-4/11, I asked the Senate to participate in a secret/written ballot regarding the final vote...

Logic of Coordination

I wonder if the human species is the only one to so quickly accept the idea of greater

Letter to the Editor

I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks to Nicholas Winger, Nico Cervantes

This is YOUR gift. This is YOUR legacy.

Dear Class of 2012,

Occupy IV: Letter To The Editor

After tabling all day in the Arbor for Occupy Wall Street, conversing with both students and faculty alike,