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Wednesday, March 3rd 2021

What You Can & Can’t Control: A Guide

As we get busier with fall responsibilities, and as the news continues to be an alarming distraction, it's easy to feel a...

The Bottom Ladle: Let’s Make Sourdough Starter!

A colorful step-by-step guide to a classic quarantine pastime, illustrated by Kiyomi Morrison.

The Bottom Ladle: Lemon Squares

This simple and delicious recipe for lemon squares is guaranteed to satisfy your summer afternoon sweet tooth. Recipe and illustration by McKenna...

Teach Yourself How to Draw!

Staff illustrator Echo Dieu provides her master list of art resources for beginners and those looking to hone their drawing skills during...

The Bottom Ladle: Mini Apple Pies

Beat finals week blues with this recipe for mini apple hand pies, perfect by themselves or à la mode.

The Tip of the Iceberg

A non-comprehensive list of Black lives lost to police brutality in the United States since July 2014. Rest in power.

The Bottom Ladle: Mapo Tofu

Celebrate Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage Month with this delicious mapo tofu recipe, provided by Melody Li and illustrated by Sophia...

The Bottom Ladle: Shepherd’s Breakfast

Combine all the best breakfast foods into one with this recipe by Noe Padilla, illustrated by Grace Park.