Why All Cops Are Bad

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Linda Chong

Opinions Editor & Senior Copy Editor

CORRECTION: When this article was originally published on our website on 6/6/2020, we mistakenly stated that “Police officers are responsible for 90 percent of Black killings in the U.S.” and that “1,028 Black people have been shot and killed by the police.” These figures were incorrect, but they have since been corrected to accurately reflect the cited sources.

If you haven’t figured it out, ACAB means, “All Cops Are Bastards.” People say that because the police force is currently enforcing racism and an abusive system that oppresses Black people. They instigate violence on often peaceful protestors and they don’t face consequences because the law protects their own. Despite the overwhelming evidence of all cops being bad, many have declared the Black Lives Matter movement to be a fight of Black people against racism, and they advocate that all cops aren’t bad. 

“It’s just a few bad apples,” they say, because there must be some good cops within the bunch; there are good people in the police force! You’re right, all people aren’t bad; but that doesn’t mean all police officers aren’t. To give some context, it’s not about the person themselves, it’s about the deafening silence they project during duty and the actions they don’t take to correct injustice. It doesn’t matter if an officer is a good person serving at church on Sundays, because they still serve to enact racism. 

They use their title to legally discriminate against people of color, and they use their privilege to avoid consequences. The Ferguson report, written by the Department of Justice, is written evidence provided by the police force, that admits power and legal authority changes people’s actions, their morals, and their humanity. This a culture within law enforcement that’s based on racial hierarchy. So in turn, cops are driven by their sense of legal privilege, and they don’t want to oppose the source. 

This contextualizes the discussion of current, more pressing matters that turn all cops “bad.” Police officers stand fully armed against peaceful protestors, tear-gassing and releasing lethal rubber bullets on unarmed civilians against police brutality. Police officers are attacking neutral parties such as the media or press, and the police are committing war crimes by assaulting neutral medics. There are countless stories and witnesses of people reporting unjustified violence from law enforcement and the National Guard. 

Unnecessary police brutality shown during these times is incredibly wrong and disturbing. With an overwhelming amount of evidence posted on different social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. I think it’s clear who the real victims are. 

But even with abundant evidence, some have pointed out that the media is filtered and biased. Social media encourages editing, accounts are meant to draw people in, and social media is overall untrustworthy. But can you still say that with the undeniable amount of personal testimonies, witness accounts, and multiple source coverage? Can any cop be excused or given the benefit of doubt when the overwhelming majority of officers standing against protestors have injured, maimed, and assaulted unarmed civilians? 

The most perplexing thing in this entire situation is the fact that people want to argue how only some cops are racist, and this is a war against racism, not the police force. According to Mapping Police Violence research group, police officers across the country are responsible for the disproportionate killing of African Americans.” 

Black people are 2.5 times more likely to be killed by the police, than a white person. According to the US Census, despite the 13 percent that Black Americans embody in the U.S. population, they also occupy a third of incarcerated inmates in US prisons. This can no longer be called police brutality; this is a deeper social injustice that is based on an anti-Black, white supremicist framework. Police forces are constitutionally ordained racists that target aggressively and specifically on Black people.

To side with the police and argue that there are some good apples, you must have personal relationships in mind. I get it; your friend is a good cop and it’s hard to label someone “bad” when their actions are relatively not as severe as other officers. You can’t compare the actions of Derek Chauvin and Darren Wilson to those of a small-town officer that tries to be productive, filling up his fair share of parking violations. 

You can’t compare an officer charged with second-degree murder to officers that participate in misconduct and/or dishonesty of the law. But that doesn’t take away from their central job that is to protect and uphold a now fascist government. That doesn’t excuse any “good” cop from abusing their power and sticking to a system of oppression. 

This is an educated guess, but people who don’t agree with ACAB are doing so because of one or more of these three things: 

One, they compare the actions of individual cops. They advocate the person behind the uniform and ignore the injustices that their title represents. They empathize with the fear of speaking out and they only see the plight of cops dealing with violent protesters and angry Black men; those of which are not comparable to a Black life. Hate to break it to ya, but at least officers can take off their uniform and walk away, you can’t take off Black skin. 

Two, they are not researched. They only check their Instagram for posts from their favorite slacktivists, and they feel good about their hour of scrolling on a biased blue-lines page. They argue that there is a good side to everyone, and they encourage victimizing the police without knowing any statistics or historical segregation of the Black community. 
Three, they are most definitely not Black. They don’t know the privilege they have when they are safe at home (Breonna Taylor), when they can jog safely in the neighborhood (Ahmaud Arbery), or when they can walk home from the convenience store (Trayvon Martin). They can’t compare their privilege, economic standing, cultural history, or social circumstances to those of the Black community. There is no argument when it comes down to human rights, and the fact is, people who still think “not all cops are bad” know where they stand in the dichotomy between our current systemically racist government and a potentially accountable infrastructure that the minorities deserve.


  1. Go write about food you millenial, social media obsessed slacktivist.

    • You’re likely a white, older man who has no clue about what people of color go through. This article literally has evidence to support this claim but you choose to ignore that because that’s what people like you do. You can’t find any evidence to go against this so you just insult the people who are actually making sense to make yourself feel better about your disappointing life. Educate yourself please.

      • Dude stop, I’m black and I live in america and ik this “evidence” isn’t true, look at the comments below for detail, actually more black people kill white people then the other way around and also again as a black person screw acab, I know a lot of great cops and people who actually try to make the world a better place, people shouldn’t hate all cops just because a few messed up that’s honestly just stupid. Please try to think.

        • But there is a disproportionate number of white on black or police on black killings. There are many more white people in the US so that is why it looks like there are more black on white killings. And acab isn’t talking about cops specifically it’s talking about the system and how it perpetuates racism. And tbh a lot more than a “few” cops are “bad” that is why acab and blm exist and why people are protesting.

          • What nonsense, why not state that there is a disproportionate amount of crime committed by members of the black community yet, the facts and evidence demonstrate more whites have been shot and killed. Perhaps you should read Dr. Flyers study on the subject. He set out to prove his thesis only to conclude the evidence didn’t support the narrative that blacks are disproportionately killed. He is a Blackman and a Harvard professor and I commend him for his courage of writing a paper whereby his conclusion disproves his original thesis. That’s what a true education should give you, not the relentless writing to a forgone conclusion supported by only sources that supports the position or narrative.

      • The evidence was blatant statistical lies that they had to correct. Then removed those stats because they didn’t prove the point.

        This article is an example of small minded reactionary posts trying to be Woke but in reality creating more bigotry and less critical thinking. Be honest you can say the institution is corrupt but to say all officers are bad is lazy stupid thinking

  2. This was disgusting. To say all cops are not bad could be because you’re not black? Yikes

    • I have never had a positive interaction with the police. They tend to attract a certain type of asshole in my opinion.

      • I’m not white and I’ve always had positive interactions with police. In fact, one saved me from committing suicide!

  3. I’m not going to post my opinion here, but there are clearly some misleading and flat-out wrong statistics here. Police officers are not responsible for 90% of Black killings in the US. A single look at the source article will make that clear. Quite inexcusable and an embarrassing mistake for a senior copy editor.

    • Remember the person who wrote this misleading, false article is a food reviewer. Just let that settle in.

  4. CORRECTION: When this article was originally published on our website on 6/6/2020, we mistakenly stated that “Police officers are responsible for 90 percent of Black killings in the U.S.” and that “1,028 Black people have been shot and killed by the police.” These figures were incorrect, but they have since been corrected to accurately reflect the cited sources.
    Where are the correct numbers?

    • It doesn’t fit their narrative, so they did not include them. The numbers would support the truth. That cops are not all bad and police killings are not as significant on numbers as we are being told.

  5. Never mind, I found it. According to the FBI’s uniform crime-reporting data for 2016, 90.1 percent of black victims of homicide were killed by other blacks. So I guess by your logic (or lack of), all blacks are bad?

    • First off I can tell you are racist because you use the derogatory term “blacks”. Secondly, black on black crime is not racially charged (black people do not kill each other for being black) while cops killing black people is racially charged. Also the FBI is not a reliable source when it comes to accounting for the killings of black people by cops. There are a plethora of undocumented murders done by cops due to the wall of silence and other tactics used by the police to avoid being charged or even fired. I laid it out pretty well for you here, so hopefully one day you will come to realize that black lives matter and not all lives matter until the racial injustices against black people cease and their lives become valued. If you did take the time out of your day undoubtedly full of yelling at teenagers and beating your wife, hi! I hope you get better soon.

  6. PolitiFact found 93% of murder victims were killed by someone who shares their race. It seems reasonable to speculate that most black murder (including killing of over 1,000 black male children per year) is committed by young black males, since youth and male gender strongly correlate with committing crime. how about we all work on the cop end, but African Americans need all work on their ends too. Oh wait, they’re innocent victims, right?

  7. According to the criteria and the facts, and based on YOUR CRITERIA IF SPECULATION–I feel you should change the title to “all black people are bad and sometimes a cop kills them”

    • Hi, I posted a response to a comment similar to yours, so go read that please. However, I wanted to add something for you specifically. I am extremely surprised at your lack of understanding in the persecution and injustices done to black people, because if you are really part of the Hispanic community, you too would see the prejudices against people of color in general. It’s hard to fathom that a person like you, who most likely witnesses prejudice and experiences it, has so little empathy for those who share your struggle. I am truly dissapointed and I hope you get well soon.

  8. I laugh at the articles comment of “just jogging” and “going to the convenience store”. There was way more to them and those situations than painting them as just being an average citizen.

  9. So you are just automatically assuming the reason there are disproportionate amounts of African Americans imprisons compared to the full population is because cops are racist?

    There can’t be any other socio-economic, societal, or other reasons for those numbers?

    That’s awfully close minded.

  10. Complete trash. Sounds high school level or lower. Dangerously twisted mindset here. Please tell me kids like this aren’t our future cause a dystopian anarchy does not sound inviting 🙁

    • Well indeed kids with “radical” beliefs are our future. Thankfully you will not make it to that great time where America becomes an actually united nation with justice and Liberty for all. I will be enjoying the days where the police has been defended and we have become a beautiful socialist country. But thankfully all you boomers will have died and taken the train straight to hell, where you were destined to go as soon as you disregarded the wellbeing of future generations and turned our economy into a pile of trash. So you should be celebrating that you will never get the chance to live in the utopia of leftist gen Zrs! Hope you get well soon!

      • I look forward to the police being “Defended” as well. Live in peace BLM. Live long and you will look back and realize the folly of your youth. We all do. Cheers!

  11. Thank you!
    I had argued “not all cops” up until recently because of personal relationships.
    I have made an egregious error.
    I see that now.
    The current policing system is inherently flawed and enforces racism.
    I have a lot of work to do, this really helps put some things into perspective.

    • What do you plan on doing? Sharing posts about racism on FB? YOU GO GIRL!

    • They may enforce those systems, but who put those systems into action? The American Government. Your problem is with the President, House of Representatives, and Congress. Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.

      • Honestly people think that going after the police is the best rout to go, and it’s not, the best rout to go is voting for fair laws and rights and paying more attention to what the government is doing. People like this person who made this article are ignorant and don’t really care about the Lives of anybody but only care for a good story.

      • This is an extremely uneducated response. I hope u seek help.

    • HI Sally, well I would hope that this new perspective of yours would actually include some critical facts such as the fact that where the greatest problems seem to occur, are regions that have been democrat controlled area for a long time. For example, look at Chicago which has had a democrat mayor since 1933, and has had black police chiefs, District attorneys, state attorney generals, etc…etc…etc… yet the claim is systemic racism. Other areas follow suite such as Baltimore, NY, etc…etc…
      Part of a good education is critical thinking, I know today that although universities continue to stress “critical thinking”, they actually deter it. They do this by limiting the sources studied and allow only those that support the narratives of left-leaning professors. I myself went back to university to take some courses of interest and found this appalling. I did succeed in challenging many of the professors, I even had a professors book submitted for editorial review due to factual and historical misrepresentation which I could prove. I argued with professors who limited sources for supposed “research” papers on the basis that the sources the class was limited to, did nothing more than support foregone conclusions based on a selective narrative. It’s a shame that so many are going into debt for a university education that is providing them an inculcation by limiting and restricting critical thinking skills.

  12. when there is another systwm in place for those few who are in there trying to make changes from within then maybe I could agree. But the fact is that there ARE cops who are good people, who ARE reporting the bad stuff others are doing who ARE trying to do the right thing. To say that all cops are silent is patently false and just because they became a cop they are now corrupt. I disagree. There are MANY problems and it needs to be cleaned up and all corrupt cops ousted – yes. But in the meantime they are the only ones out there to call when you need assistance, when someone breaks in and tries to do a home invasion or rape someone. If you disband them – then what? chaos.

    • This is completely untrue. We don’t need cops. Based on this statement I’m going to assume you’re white and have zero friends/acquaintances of color because if you had people of color in your life you would know we NEVER call the police for fear of being brutalized simply because of our skin tone. Until you can understand that, you will continue to be blind to the actual problem black people and people of color face. We have lived our whole lives without calling the police I think it’s time for all the Karen’s to wake up, understand this, and empathize with us.

  13. Structural change seems incredibly simple and like a “no-brainer” until you get into the belly of the beast of a system. It’s easy to cast aspersions at any random cop until you find out that he’s part of an 8-member immigrant family whose income is integral to the the welfare of the family. Hes a sincerely good cop whose skills are well-aligned to those required of a cop. What would you tell him to do? Would you tell him to go fuck himself, that hes a bastard and a disgrace to humanity? Your conclusions are too facile.

  14. “Linda Chong is a second-year Communication major ” I knew it as I was reading the article. LOL.
    Youth is wasted on the young.

  15. Alright Linda, if all cops are bad then BLM is a terrorist organization and all protestors are bad. Why? Because they sat by while some of their own rioted, looted and murdered people, mostly black people, not to mention destroyed many black lives.
    Oh wait, but to say that would mean condemning the entire group instead of holding individuals ACCOUNTABLE for THEIR actions.
    In EVERY group/profession/race there are good people and there are bad. Would you condemn all grocery store employees because you had a bad experience with one person? How about customer service reps, mechanics, farmers, doctors, lawyers, etc.? Would you condemn them all due to the actions of one person? Would you stand here yelling all Asians or all Mexicans or all Whites are bad because you had a few of them be despicable human beings? I imagine the answer to that would be NO. So how about we learn this little thing called ACCOUNTABILITY and condemn those that are being racist, that are targeting minorities, that are being pieces of crap and stop condemning an entire group based on the actions of the bad ones.
    Police need reforms. Nobody is arguing that at all. But you can’t enact reforms by taking away funding. You can’t provide more training and an ability to better equip these people to recognize targeting and racism by defunding the entire force across the country. All your poorly written, extremely bias article serves to do is drive more division. I don’t know if you’ve seen the world but it seems to me that we have more than enough of that. So how about instead of word vomiting out your neck hole, you come up with REAL tangible solutions? Like having a civilian dept oversee all reports of misconduct? Or having cops undergo psych evals every 6 months with an emphasis on recognizing any bias the officer may have? Or making it to where cops don’t face repercussions for reporting that one of their fellow officers are targeting minorities? How about making weed laws retroactive so that those that are convicted and sitting in prison just on Marijuana crimes are released? Or how about we stop having black history month and make black history integrated into the curriculum year round because black history is American history? These are REAL things that can make REAL change. But by all means, continue putting out your biased articles that serve no purpose but to drive hate and division.

    • Thank you for your post. I was going to comment, but you said it all!

    • Thank you…..you have spoken with reason, truth and possible solutions. Please continue to write.

      • I would say that she’s spoken the exact opposite of that. She can’t even find accurate evidence to support her claim.

    • Ok well there is a lot to unpack here. While people of your kind believe in facts and not feelings. Give me the names of black people who have killed other people at the protests. It will be extremely hard to find, but you could probably dig up something from one of your bias Christian news outlets. Also, when you say it’s ok that some cops mess up and equate that to a cashier having a small squabble with a costumer, so do you really value the lives of innocent people as much as your wellbeing at a grocery store? Yes or no. Because that is what that idiotic analogy entails. When a cop “messes up” it is at the cost of a person’s life. And show me the statistics of cops who have been charged for their hanus crimes please. Because it’s very rarely that I see a horribly rude cashier that still has their job, but I see little cops with their tricycles running amuc all day after they sexually assaulted a prisoner or murdered an innocent black man far too often. And for you to sit there typing on your computer with your thick reading glasses on while people are outside fighting for their right to live, now that’s little dick energy. You are a coward. I hope you get better soon.

      • Be mad at the system, not those doing their jobs. The system is flawed and the practice of racial profiling should not be condemned. However, this person was giving you an example of how people should be accountable of only their own actions. Back whenever you were in school, did you like being yelled at by the educators for the actions of another student? You did not do anything, but since you are also classified as the same label as that person, you get the blame? That is flawed thinking, and also what you are arguing against- minorities taking the blame for the stereotype of others in that category.
        Cops simply have the choice to use privilege wrongly in their position, and a lot of them do; simply because of the government allowing this. But that’s their specific choice. The police aren’t obligated to be racist.
        Another example is like those working at a pet store. A lot of pet stores sell and support equipment and practices that are unsafe for the animals. Doesn’t necessarily mean the cashiers in that pet store support it or supply it themselves. There are definitely other ways to go around these particular situations, and blaming all cops is not going to help anything! And you calling others on the internet a “coward” and “little dick energy” just comes to show how ignorant and defensive you are.

  16. This is an educated guess, but I’m thinking that people who claim all cops are bad are doing so because of one or more of the following things:

    1) They are cherry-picking statistics that fit their narrative, while ignoring others that introduce problems with this logic and require a more nuanced discussion of a very complicated (and of course very real) problem.

    2) They have probably never actually looked at a police academy curriculum to research the “why” behind their training, including the local or federal laws that go into it, which would be the *actual* best way to pinpoint some of the root causes of systemic issues in policing, rather than just blankly blaming it on the people themselves. (Or, if that’s too much work, I’m guessing they’ve never tried just, you know, having a conversation with a cop and asking).

    3) They are most definitely forgetting about all of the Black people that are also police officers, and basically telling them that they’re a paradox that can’t exist instead of human beings that probably have a more well-rounded perspective on the issue than an outraged college student.

    Also: “the overwhelming majority of officers standing against protestors have injured, maimed, and assaulted unarmed civilians?” You’re framing this as a statistic, and a very bold one at that. Citation please?

  17. Hi Linda, I am a rising junior in college, so I think we have some shared experience to that extent. I definitely agree that the police force needs an overhaul, nevertheless, I think the logic behind “All cops are bastards” is inherently flawed. You are extrapolating the actions from some cops (teargassing, beating, etc. ) and blaming that on all cops, which I don’t think is correct. Furthermore, you are admonishing them for things they ARE’T doing. Yes, it is important for all of us to take an active stand against racism. But, why don’t you apply your same logic to other groups? In fact, I would say economic inequality and poverty are the main driving forces behind black people dying in this country even if these factors may be less visceral. Why aren’t you saying all bankers are bastards? They perpetuate this capitalistic system that feeds the top 1% and they don’t actively take a stand against this economic inequality. Why don’t you say all politicians are bastards? Many of them are using empty words and both sides of the aisle are responsible for creating this police state we have today. See where your logic falls apart? I suppose being a communications major this is what you are trained to do…write pieces out of passion and emotion, rather than logic, but I implore you to actually take a step back and think rationally here. Yes, there needs to be more oversight, less union power, and far less policing in minority neighborhoods. These changes will lead to real impacts, rather than juvenile insults like “all cops are bastards”. Would love to open a dialogue and hear your response.

    • Because people vote for politicians. Blaming them would mean taking responsibility. Easier to blame cops doing their jobs. Cops follow laws and policies that come from above. That’s on voters.

  18. Yes… let’s all join in the hatred of all police for the sins of a few. Let’s defund one of the most important public institutions in our countries history. Let’s have all badges removed and allow people to tend to their own safety and security.
    But before you do so, Let me tell you about the badge and the thousands of good men and women it represents.
    This badge ran towards certain death as the Towers collapsed on 9-11.
    This badge ran into the line of fire to save the people in the Pulse Night Club.
    This badge sheltered thousands as bullets rained down from the Mandalay Hotel in Las Vegas.
    This badge protected a BLM rally that left five officers dead in Dallas.
    This badge ran into the Sandy Hook School to stop a school shooter.
    This badge killed the Oregon District mass shooter in seconds.
    This badge has done CPR on your drowned child.
    This badge has fist fought the wife beater who left his spouse in a coma.
    This badge has run into burning buildings to save the occupants.
    This badge has been shot for simply existing.
    This badge has waded through flood waters to rescue the elderly trapped on the roof.
    This badge has intentionally crashed into the wrong way driver to protect innocent motorists.
    This badge has helped find the lost child so his mother would stop crying hysterically.
    This badge has helped the injured dog off the road and rushed it to the vet.
    This badge has escorted the elderly woman across the street because she couldn’t see well and was afraid to cross.
    This badge has bought food for hungry kids because they had been abandoned.
    This badge has been soaked in blood and tears.
    This badge has been covered by a mourning band to honor those who have sacrificed everything in service.
    You may hate me because I wear it. But, I wear it with pride. Despite your hate and your anger, I will await the next call for help. And, I will come running without hesitation. Just like the thousands of men and women across this great nation.

    • Thank you JB for your service and your voice! I find it very distressing to listen to so many hate filled people that don’t actually use correct information for what they say. I can’t imagine what our country would look like without law enforcement.

  19. This article was very nicely written. As someone who is white, I am trying my best to educate myself as much as possible. ((as should everyone))
    The racism in the police force is horrid. We are taught all throughout childhood that cops are heroes. Sadly, this was never the case.

    • Really? Retired NYPD, yeah I am not a hero, got injured pulling people out of the towers before they fell and that wasn’t even my job.
      As I said in other post. Cops mostly stop who victims report. Tell the victims to stop being rascist. I suppose they should lie and change race of their attacker?
      Most cops are colorblind. If the law is racist in your opinion, then vote to change them. That’s Democracy. Don’t blame cops for enforcing laws your elected leaders created. That’s on you. Not the police.
      Why you mention being white? Woke is nonsense by people trying to get empathy rather than taking responsibility. Be part of the solution. Cop hating because you were brainwashed makes you look dumb. BLM has an agenda. You never see them talking about Black on black crime. If black lives really matters they would. That’s what’s killing them mostly. They have a statistical more chance being killed by lightning if they are innocent than by a cop. Get facts straight.
      Also if your prejudice against cops, you are no different than a racist. prejudice is the key word

      • Thank you for your service and voice. Critical thinking is in short supply right now…just know that most Americans support the police on our front lines.

  20. This article doesn’t pass the vibe check.
    I had to check I wasn’t on the onion- though honestly, the journalistic quality there is a touch higher typically.

    I have no idea how you thought this was a good idea to publish? – it’s encouraging blanket hatred, abuse, dehumanization.

    You cite trivially falsifiable cherry picked statistics to fit an extremist narrative, you resort to personal feelings and pure speculation. There is a correction addendum that doesn’t cite the correct numbers. Is this really not satire?

    Emotions are running high but now but I feel you should strongly consider the optics here – this piece could well being a hindrance to your future career opportunities. I would consider this piece problematic right now and would like to see it removed.

    I have archived it for reference, will be requesting visibility from others on my large social circle to call for you (or the university) to remove this distasteful and offensive piece.

    Please work together to be more kind and more understanding and more fair. This place should not be utilized as a soapbox for promoting violence and hatred.

  21. I detect a lot of individuals on here that need to go back to their elementary school vocabulary notes and read the definition of “facts.” To the author, you are absolutely delusional. To UCSB, you are thieves. Taking peoples’ money and providing an “education” with results like this is despicable and criminal.

  22. This piece is an embarrassment to journalism and to UCSB entirely. Freedom of speech is one thing, but to slander good people with the disgusting accusations she put to paper is reprehensible. You wonder why people are skeptical and suspicious of the university system in our nation…this is what I would call a clue.

  23. According to your logic, if all cops are bad, then you can easily go to “all black people are criminals.”

  24. This article was about ACAB, yet at the end she used Trayvon Martin and Ahmad Aubrey who were both in fact not killed by police.

  25. Hey, name one cop who’d stop another cop from using excessive force or breaking a law. Ok, none? Thought so.

    • Actually in NYC,one just did and it’s not like most cops are paying attention what others are doing. That’s not their job. Are blacks stopping ALL other blacks from committing crimes? Thought not.
      Excessive force is subjective and only those in higher pay grades can assess.

  26. Retired cop here. Author is delusional and dumb tbh. Do cops stop more black people? Probably,as a %,yes. But let’s be honest, FBI stats confirm that blacks cause much more violent crimes in US and more often resist arrest. Why doesn’t she know this?
    Second, most cops answer 911 calls, not harass people. The victims report the perps mostly as ‘young black men’…so who else should cops stop? It would be stupid to stop people not fitting description in victims report. Author perhaps want to ‘blame the victims’, most who are victims of black on black crime.
    Last point, sure I’ll agree with her that cops are part of the ‘system’…she got me there. However, so is she. All teachers are part of it. University are billion dollar industry. Every consumer is part of the so called capitalist oligarchy’ that these University leftist believes exist. If she really thinks American is a fascist nation, she is welcome to LEAVE or change it by VOTING. Do something about it instead of supporting violence against cops. Cops don’t care, their job is to ignore politics. We will do our job no matter who presides and whatever laws in place. That’s the integrity of a professional, after all the majority voted for this. Democracy is about voting.
    Little closing tidbit: cops have saved more black lives with proactive policing than if the policies of broken window didn’t exist.
    That being said, please vote and end these policies but realize when crime goes up , cops will be ready to serve the law.
    I won’t even address bad apples because IMHO there are no more of them than in any other professional group. They just make headlines more since “cop’ news sells.
    You want blacks to be stopped less than they are now, then you need to silence ALL the victims making reports because that why/how it’s happening. Despite the media reports, most cops are only answering radio calls. Only a few units are agressive plainclothes or anti crime units.
    All cops are bad is prejudice. Racism is prejudice. Why do educated liberals not see the hypocrisy.

    • To answer your question with regards to “why do educated liberals not see the hypocrisy” is rather simple. First, it’s because although they claim to be educated, in reality, they have been inculcated, as such today’s liberal is Pavlovian and has been conditioned to respond rather than think. At the slight hint of something they’ve been conditioned to respond to as offensive, they react with Kafkatrapping. Kafkatrapping is when you immediately defer to terms designed to shut down discourse such as racist, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, islamophobia, etc..etc.. all terms designed to stifle any further discussion without having to demonstrate evidence of such. Once while at a client’s and having coffee with a group, I cracked an Italian joke, now, needless to say, I’m of Italian ethnicity, and it got a good laugh. However, almost immediately one individual reacted by shouting out, “that’s racist!”. Everyone’s jaws just dropped and turned in his direction. I looked at him and said, “your kidding right?”. Well, no, he then began to lecture me on the insensitive racial context of the joke. That’s when I had to interrupt the momo and ask him how it is with my name that I could be racist to myself? Of course, he couldn’t provide a substantive answer and upon realizing that he had made a complete fool of himself, retreated from the group. This is typical of the Pavlovian liberal who is trained to react whether there is chow in bowl or not. Simple ring the bell and they will salivate just the same.

  27. Is this article supposed to pass as factual journalism of current events? Just another example of fake news and hate speech. Change does not come from promoting division and ignorance.

  28. If black people are 2.5 times more likely to shot by police then why is more white males are killed in the past 5-6 years by police? Food is what you want to review and I think it’s why you need to stick with, especially considering you have several people, black and white, calling you out on this article. I guess Denzel Washington was right about journalists.

  29. Stick to beans and weenies! This article is so blatantly racist it’s sickening!

  30. Upwards of 80% of all white murder victims were killed by black people. In 2018, 93% of all black murder victims were killed by black people. In total, the black population is responsible for over 50% of the murder despite making up only around 13% of the population. So far in 2020, police officers are 18.5X more likely to be killed by an armed black criminal than to kill an unarmed black person. In 2018, 17 unarmed black men were shot and killed by police in the US. 27 unarmed white men were also shot and killed. Why is no one talking about these white men?

  31. The author mention Ferguson, which would be the Michael Brown case. She refers to the DOJ report but forgets to mention ERIC Holder was the AG. Oh now I forget, he was a Blackman was he not? And the president at the time was Barrack Obama, if I recall correctly he too was a Blackman yet she infers racism. That report was based on some 4,000 grand jury documents and testimony as well as forensic evidence that completely disproved the BLM narrative. It’s disgraceful to purport to be educated yet demonstrate a complete lack of educated principles.

  32. On the first day of protests in this state I texted my son and asked him how he was doing. I’d actually seen him on TV. He lives about 135 miles from me. He texted back the news from a reporter was that the protests were mostly peaceful and that water bottles were being thrown at officers. He then texted that protesters were actually throwing bricks at officers, and he had been struck in the head. Thank god he was wearing his bike helmet. He put on 23 miles that first day. Eight days with the bike squad in blazing heat trying to keep protesters off the freeway. The day before they got there the freeway was blocked by protesters for four hours. After that they kept them off. They kept trying to get on. but were stopped by higher ranking officers at the front. And the people were pretty nice to quit trying to get on. Then they’d try again if they saw a chance. Police Officers and protesters were on a concrete ramp, and many more protesters were on a big field next to it until sunset when they had to leave the area completely and squad cars came in. For one hour before they had to leave the area, the police made several announcements for them to leave. And each time some would leave. Then they made an announcement that they were going to deploy tear gas if they did not leave and several more people left. One more warning. Then some stayed and they deployed tear gas onto the ground and they all left. Then squad cars came in to block that freeway entrance. The bike squad left going around so many people and police cars and through intersections back to police headquarters some miles away in a very hard rain. Part of every day they would be in front of police headquarters in a long line with their bikes and thousands of protesters in front of them. I saw a newborn baby and one about 6 months, some toddlers on their dads’ shoulders and some babies in strollers. No masks. One afternoon an unbelievably big tornado was on the ground a couple of blocks away, and the officers had to get inside. And the protesters left. And came back.
    After the sixth day he was off for two days, but was called back after one day off. An hour before curfew the bike squad would form one long line along the sidewalk, and the people got right in their faces. Officers just stood there. 11 p.m. was the curfew. At 10:45 p.m. they told the crowd they had to leave and walked forward with their bikes to walk the last of the protesters off the downtown streets peacefully.

    When the protests ended, he sent me the links to the body cams he and the other officers were wearing while riding their bikes, and on one video I saw broken white bricks on the street that the protesters had thrown at the officers hitting my son’s head.

    Mother of a cop.

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  34. When you wrote something way off, you cant just brush it off lightly like “it is just a mistake.

    You, as a self-claimed journalist, hold on a much higher standard when it comes to the published article.

    Don’t you ever question yourself: Why did I say it? or How did I get those wrong info?

    Once you are wrong then you have be more careful, and I don’t think it is appropriate to just march along on emphasizing how right you have been.

    By the way, police brutality, wrongful arrest, and the investigation is always there.

    but to justify ACAB is the worst thing to do! Why you guys always being so silent about when the extremist calling out kill all cops?

    Not to mention, there are so many cops now. Is it really all about race?

    I am begging you, be very careful about what you are talking about

  35. Before anyone comes for my race. I am a Mixed Male, however I take my Hispanic Side.
    Many of you may not see the good, the police have done. Many of you may only see the horrid things they have done. No, personally I do not know any police officers. I’m an ordinary person, I don’t talk over people when they’re talking. I don’t disrespect people for their opinion. I don’t get an attitude when people walk in front of me. I don’t take a leadership position when I’m offered one. I don’t allow my rank in the Young Marines dictate how I should act. I don’t allow myself to act better than the next person. Why? I am human, just like everyone else.
    Many say “Defund the Police” or “Abolish the Police”. This is a horrible idea. Defunding the Police will only leave those officers with horrible training. Meaning more, and more people will most likely be abused by Law Enforcement. No more less lethal options, no more being able to respond to emergency calls fast enough. No more police. Abolishing the Police is another horrible Idea. Personal story, and one I use for motivation to be a Police Officer. I grew in an abusive household. Where my dad would hit my mom, for simply not cooking his food right. My dad would degrade my mom, and abuse her mentally, and emotionally. He would take his anger out on us. He wasn’t and alcoholic. He didn’t do drugs. He did because he Enjoyed it. The police came one day, because my dad had just pushed my mom down the stairs. Me, and my siblings where crying. We didn’t know what to do. We didn’t know what was going on. Then there was a knock on the door. It was the cops. They came in, and arrested my dad. They comforted us, told us everything was gonna be okay. My mom was in a ambulance. My and siblings were interested in police car though. When my mom came home. He Told us that we were never gonna see him again. They told us, that if we needed anything to call them.
    Defunding the Police, and abolishing them. Will have situations like this end up with more drastic ends.
    As my grandpa used to tell me. He was a retired police officer. He passed away a year ago. “Many people hate our guts. It’s understandable. When you have people slip through the cracks of a profession, and tarnish what that profession stands for. It ruins it. Not all cops are bad, but enough are bad. Enough are bad for people to take notice. Enough are bad for the Police Departments to say enough is enough.”
    My grandpa may not have been perfect. But he:
    Stopped a Girl from almost getting raped.
    stopped an abusive father from beating his son.
    Ran to the sounds of screams.
    Drive over a 100mph to a car burning.
    Ran to the sounds of gunfire.
    Police reform is a must, and there’s no arguing with it. However, we defund them. Then how are we going to reform them?

  36. The fact this was published on a college’s website is sickening. The school should hold its colleagues and students more accountable for their inaccurate and unscrupulous publishing. Present all the facts, not just half of them. Do a proper analysis of the information and present it to inform the reader, and not try to convince. Who knows, you may end up understanding a different ideology. Do not stay committed to any single idea.

  37. That isn’t about good or bad cops, it’s about who is criminal or not, the cop doesn’t will be a good guy when has a other man whit a guns, jesus

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