Campus-Wide Lockdown After Possible Gun Threat at South Hall


UCSB is currently on lock-down after a possible threat was detected this Monday October 19 at South Hall at approximately 2:55 p.m.  A man allegedly with a gun is said to have been at the top of South Hall yelling to students below threatening suicide.  UCPD and the County Sheriff are still searching South Hall for the suspect.  Students alerted by text and e-mail through UCSB’s public alert system were told to stay inside and stay away from South Hall.  CSO’s are station alongside the perimeter of the building to make sure no one goes in or out.

In spite of the current lock-down status, students are still attending classes and walking freely on campus.
Call 805-893-7188 for recorded UCPD updates.

UPDATE: 4:20 pm–South Hall is cleared and evacuated; UCSB alert reports, “Univeristy business can continue as usual.”

UPDATE: 4:33 pm–Investigation indicates no weapon or actual threat.

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