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Top 5 Scholarship Websites

February 27, 2013 Science & Technology 49 Comments
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Ashley Golden
Technology Editor

It’s that time of year when students start looking and applying for scholarships, and with the increasing cost of tuition and decreasing financial aid funds, students are more motivated than ever before to find free money they don’t have to pay back (as an alternative to even more student loans). Below are the top five scholarship websites to help students get as much money as possible.


Scholarships.com is a free and very well laid out, user-friendly website. You have to create an account to get started, then you can save your favorite scholarships to view later. Scholarships are organized into different searchable categories such as Scholarships Trending Now, Scholarships By Grade Level, Scholarships By Major, Scholarships By State, Scholarships for Women, Sports Scholarships, Minority Scholarships, and Unusual Scholarships. The site also has scholarship applications tips and resources.

Scholarships.com boasts over 2.7 million scholarship listings totaling $19 million in winnable funds.

I actually did one of these scholarships and won a $250 scholarship. All I had to do was follow the hosting company on Twitter, tweet them my contest entry, then write a short two paragraph essay adhering to their prompt. It was a very simple and straightforward scholarship that took minimal time and gave me connections to a great company.

The only downside is the site will occasionally have college application and advertisement pop-ups.


CollegeBoard should be a familiar website to most UCSB students who took the SATs and any AP courses. It is a private, free website that is updated regularly by staff and is highly accredited. Around 2,300 scholarships are listed with a value of closing in on $3 billion.


FastWeb was an organization recommended at my high school that continues to be relevant to students now. It’s private and free, and scholarships over 11 months old are automatically deleted from the database so that it stays current. There are videos on the site to give advice to students, sweepstakes and special promotions, and a list of common scholarship deadlines.

It offers around 1.5 million scholarships totaling around $3.4 billion in funds.

Back in high school I entered a FastWeb sponsored scholarship for students pursuing English in college and won $500.


CollegeNet lets you search for scholarships based on their content with Keyword Search or based on your personal information and what you qualify for with Profile Search.

CollegeNet also offers this great feature that allows students to open discussions in the forums. The conversation topics get voted on based on how interesting they are; the student with the most interesting conversation wins money to the tune of $300-$5000.

It is private and updates monthly.


At first glance ScholarshipMonkey looks unimpressive to say the least. What it lacks in pizzazz (minus the talking stuffed monkey) it makes up for in straightforward simplicity. It has over 1 million scholarships listed from over 4,000 sources and around $3 billion in funds.

While it, too, is free, the downside is that it’s not private unless you specifically opt out of third party emails, and it is also not as timely as other sites. It does, however, have some unique scholarships that might not be found elsewhere.

Regardless of where you are looking for scholarships, everyone should be looking. There is so much free money out there, and billions of dollars remains unclaimed every year because no one applies for some scholarships. Not all applications are rigorous; some, like my Twitter one, are very simple. And if you take the time to apply for some of the smaller, niche scholarships, odds are you will have little competition.

Image Courtesy of FastWeb

Currently there are "49 comments" on this Article:

  1. These are all great sites, thanks for the information! Tweeting and sharing! :)

  2. Tamara Krause says:

    You forgot one of the best scholarship websites…ScholarshipExperts.com. Not only do they constantly update their information, but they also give away a scholarship (valued between $1,000 and $5,000) every month. They have been in business for over 10 years and have been recognized by Forbes.com as the best online scholarship search service. Students can also browse scholarships in their scholarship directory without having to create an account.

  3. George says:

    We too have our own compilation of scholarships for graduate students at our scholarship directory. It is free and no registration is required. http://graduatetutor.com/scholarships/

    Our focus is mostly on business students primarily MBAs. We have compiled many MBA scholarships that are not specific to any university so students from any university can apply to these scholarships.

  4. lmspann says:

    Is Zinch a good scholarship website?

  5. Lucas says:

    Scholarships360.org is another great website.

  6. Bacha Elias says:

    I need free scholar ship

  7. Sabrina says:

    I don’t agree with Scholarship Monkey. I signed up and it gives me scholarships with deadlines from two years ago. Not very helpful.

  8. raj kishor says:

    I have found a really great website for scholarship and study material. Even here user can subscribed for scholarship sms alerts on their mobile. Really great stuff….


  9. dayan yenesew says:

    i really need free scholarship!!!


    Im looking for the free masters sponsorship

  11. Shentema Woldesenbet says:

    I am looking for the free phd MBA sponsorship

  12. HELAL SK says:

    schoolership all websit

  13. Destiny-morgan says:

    Nice one

  14. mahlet says:

    MY NAMEis mahlet am graduate in diploma in information technology now need to more interesting to computer since so now i cant up grade my knowledge by financial probelm please help me ineed learn my degree program more information cal by this

    thank you

  15. Nwuruku Jideofor Stanly(TB JOSHUA) says:

    I write in respect to scholarship on upgrading and continuing with my education. I am an NCE holder in Biology. Am an orphan and i managed and suffered before geting my NCE and i dnt want to stop at that. I need ur help pls. Am waiting 4 ur positive reply. Thanks From Nwuruku Jideofor Stan(TB JOSHUA JNR)+233548413262

  16. mekonen tekliye says:

    i have graduated in 2005 E.C. by food technology and process engineering with cGPA of 3.55/ 4.0 with distinction. Therefore i need scholarship to upgrade my academic status.

  17. Angela says:

    I am a 50 year old single mom. I have maxed out on federal aid. I am desperately looking for scholarships so I can graduate July 2014. My major is phasing out at university of phoenix so this is my last chance. Any help provided would be greatly appreciated.

  18. Belachew Alemu Workneh says:

    I have graduated 2007 G.C water supply and sanitation with cGPA of 3.87 with distinction and BSC.third year student in Bahirdar university.so i need schoplarship to upgrade my acadamic status.

  19. Ebise says:

    I want to apply a scholar ship so am looking for the preparatory free sponsorship so please give me the information when ever there is an opportunity to apply it!!
    I hope you will so thank you very much.

  20. Ali says:

    really nice information, are these scholarshios for international students????

  21. I need free scholarship for my study ( for MBA).

  22. Kyle says:

    These scholarship sites are great, but are aimed at American citizens or students applying to American colleges/universities. This was, on the whole, massively unhelpful for everyone else.

  23. My name is babanding from gambia. I want to post graduation in business management can I apply for this scholarship.

  24. olisadera says:

    pls, i need a scholarship

  25. That’s a great starting list. Students, make sure that you research and apply to all the scholarships that you qualify for. Contact school directly and inquire about them (if they are offered via university/college).
    International students: start working on your SAT/ACT scores if undergraduate and GMAT/GRE if graduate. Scores matter!

    Best wishes,

    Your undercover Admissions Counselors

  26. amanuel says:

    i want a scholarship in hospitality industry…….please

  27. Edward GJ says:

    am suffering from poverty please help me with scolarship… thanks

  28. fikadu kinfe says:

    i have graduated in July, 2011 in agricultural engineering and mechanization . i want to apply scholarship related to the field .

  29. G.D. says:

    I am agriculture graduate.I need msc.ag. Scholarsip

  30. Desalegn Amsalu says:

    My Name is Desalegn Amsalu .i am information Systems Engineer (B.Sc)if have any scholarship please help me.
    with regard

  31. Hi my name is Embaye Bereketab I was graduated in 2013. Now I have BSc.of sciences in nursing. Thus I need to continue for a masters in nursing or related fields looking for a free or low fee scholar this year. I am Eritrean living in Sudan temporarily. Thanks for any quick answer from any supportive scholarship suppliers.

  32. arefat mohammed says:

    i am information system student i wanna get free or less scholarship to learn computer sience please help me to get this chance!!!!

  33. ashebir yesigat says:

    my name is ashebir yesigat, i graduated in 2013 in the field of crop protection,i have MSc in entomology.
    i am interested to learn either in plant breeding or food sciences.so i would like to ask you for giving this chance.

  34. amar kumar says:

    i want the every update of job opertunities of business administration side.

  35. Pius says:

    I need your help, i have a diploma in human resorce management and i need to contenue to study but i have a financially problems, please help me to fulfil my dream

  36. Rediet Yohannes says:

    i am a high school junior in sos herman germiner school Hawassa, Ethiopia.
    For as long as i know i want to be a cardiologist.i want the every update of how to get free scholarship from high school up to university graduation. please help me to fulfill my dream.

  37. Am undergraduate student. Am seeking for free admission or scholarship to study abroad.

  38. mahder berhane says:

    my name is mahder berhane, I have a1st degree in Irrigation engineering and I want to have a masters of degree in hydraulics engineering but I have financial problem. pleas help me to fulfill my dream

  39. daniel melaku says:

    my name daniel melaku i under graduated of Information technology ineed to continue my lesson if u r plessure to help me due to financial problem .

  40. mahder berhane says:

    this is mahder from Ethiopia,mekelle I am an irrigation engineer (Bsc), and I want to have a 2nd degree in hydraulics engineering or related fields. thanks for any able to support me for my dream…

  41. asa elBhina says:

    great, so many search engine for scholarship out there. It’s really confusing which one best. Thanks for listing these websites.

  42. matabaro narcisse says:

    thank a lot to give me your best answer

  43. I need Masters sholarship in IT

  44. Feiraz says:

    I believe scholarshipdesk.com deserve to be included in your list. The website is very easy to use for matching any relevant scholarship we need.

  45. Eva says:

    Hae am Eva from Nairobi Kenya i really need a scholarship especially in law or statistics courses

  46. Leo says:

    I’m using http://www.huntscholarship.com/ and it’s great! It has many full scholarships for students.

  47. Abhishek says:

    One of the scholarship website is motachashma.com. It provides information about Scholarships from Government, Private Bodies, NGOs. It also provides information about competitions, fellowships and other global competitions.

    You can follow this website for detailed information about all the scholarships. The information is provided in a very easy to understand format.

  48. Abhishek says:

    One of the scholarship website is http://www.motachashma.com. It provides information about Scholarships from Government, Private Bodies, NGOs. It also provides information about competitions, fellowships and other global competitions.

    You can follow this website for detailed information about all the scholarships. The information is provided in a very easy to understand format.

  49. gebremeskel gebremariam says:

    i am the degree holder in electrical and computer engineering with CGPA of 3.23 and i would to continue my masters program in your university since i have not any capital to cover the masters program. for the time being i am working in Ethiopian air line for 6 months .

    with best regards !!!!!!!

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