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Wednesday, July 15th 2020

Why Tortilla-Throwing at Soccer Games is Great

As the ball slips past the fingers of the flailing goalie

The True Cost of Online Education

Jack Alegre Staff Writer The internet was a truly revolutionary invention that brought people from all over the world together, allowing for a faster and greater...

Being a Transfer Student is Easier Said Than Done

It's called a four year university for a reason.

ICON, Ican’t

Walking in to my new apartment, I was stoked. Newly-constructed building, ocean view from my bedroom window, gorgeous black stone showers—believe me, I felt like the luckiest Isla Vista tenant to ever sign what I later realized to be a convoluted lease.

Death of the Boogeyman

Osama Bin Laden's death marks the beginning of the end of American fear of Islamic terrorism.

OMG! Is txting ruining #English ?!

Nardin Sarkis Staff Writer Illustration by Carrie Ding, Staff Illustrator We have all heard it before—be it from our grandparents, professors, or Time magazine covers—that texting abbreviations...

Is ‘I Didn’t Check My Email’ a Valid Excuse?

Janani Ravikumar Staff Writer With the rise of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, people tend to ignore the arguably outdated, less flashy,...

Cons of Greek Life

Why this student isn't cut out for Greek life.

Obtaining Professionalism With Pink Hair

Opinion: Student tries to obtain professionalism with pink hair.

Cell Phone Dependency Causes Disconnection by Nicole Richards

Sometime in the middle of fall quarter my cell phone screen stopped working. For a week, I couldn’t see my texts, screen my calls,...