Saturday, January 18th 2020

Navigating Isla Vista’s Recent Tragedy as a Student Photojournalist

Mark Brocher As an amateur photojournalist, never has any story I was covering affected me so profoundly and deeply as the Isla Vista shootings. For me,...

The Humanities Are Far From Dead

Jen Atkinson Staff Writer Amid the continual bombardment of demanding questions and social influences that circle around in a college student’s head on a regular basis,...

Studying the Humanities, What’s the Point?

Joshua Lee It’s that time of the year for incoming juniors and those overdue undeclared majors. Yes, I’m talking about choosing a major. It’s something...

Gaucho Football, Undefeated Since 1992

Undefeated, non-existent, that’s kind of

The Benefits of Tabling

There is one area of campus that might as well have caution tape and “Do Not Enter”

The Serengeti

The start of a new year and classes also heralds the beginning of the newest round of

Associated Students: An Educational Excursion

Student critiques Associated Students.

AS Members Must be Held Accountable for Actions

Joseph Lee must be held accountable for his actions.

Graduate School Isn’t for Anyone but the Strong

The pros of graduate school