Sunday, May 20th 2018

Students Take Action in Downtown Los Angeles

A hundred students protest fee hikes in front of Governor Browns' office in Los Angeles

Two UCSB Students Awarded $30,000 Fellowship

Two UCSB students receive a $30,000 fellowship.

Is Crashing Classes The Least Of Our Problems?

Fighting for classes is a common problem, but not the only one.

Measure Seeks To Install Turf Fields and Fix Gym Roof

RCE measure will allow UCSB students to vote on a fee to install new turf fields and repair Robertson Gym's roof.

UC Student Association Seeking System-Wide Representatives

UCSA is accepting applications for system-wide committee appointments.

UCEN Sit-In Promotes Discussion on UC Budget Crisis

Amanda Garcia Beat Reporter University of California, Santa Barbara students, faculty, and staff gathered for a sit-in at the University Center to protest pending increases in...

You Can Bank On It: Associated Students Heads Up Food Bank For UCSB...

AS is holding a food bank for students in need.

UCSB Finds Ways to Help Japan

Many groups on the UCSB campus are fundraising for Japan relief efforts

UCSB Students, Workers, and Faculty Rally for the Working Class

April 4 is National Day of Action citizens across the nation demonstrated in support of economic injustices for the working class.

UCSB Student Profiles: Undocumented and Unafraid

2 UCSB undergraduates share their stories and opinions about what it's like to be an undocumented college student