Tuesday, March 20th 2018

Slideshow: UCSB Shout it Out Bingo

Shout it out Bingo!

Interview with Age Scott: A Hip-Hop Comic Artist

TBL interviews hip-hop comic artists, Age Scott.

White Night of Paris Lights Up the Night with Exotic Installations

Nuit Blanche a rewarding cultural tradition

I.V. Spotlight: Miss Behavin’

Tara Ahi Features Editor Isla Vista sees many businesses come and go, with few managing to establish themselves as staples in this unique college town. Miss...

Pulitzer Prize Winner Hector Tobar Speaks at UCSB

Zoe Manzanetti Photo by Frances Castellon, Staff Photographer Héctor Tobar, novelist and Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, came to Campbell Hall on Nov. 2 to speak about his...

Research Spotlight: Alice O’Connor

Dhiraj Nallapaneni Staff Writer Students drifting off to sleep during their history lectures often feel a sense of disconnection to the material at hand. At times,...

Nostalgic Review: 8 Bit Gaming

David Mendez Video games, like all modern entertainment, grows more elaborate as technology improves. As consoles become more powerful, controllers get more buttons, and graphics...

Women’s Soccer Seniors Reflect On Their Journeys as Athletes

Linus Li Marketing Director They get to travel to Hawaii, play their favorite sport as the sun sets over Harder Stadium, and bond together when times...

Research Spotlight: UCSB English Department

Quincy Lee Staff Writer When the term "research" comes to mind, "experiments" and "laboratories" are often thought of. Not so often do we think of literature...

Queer Youth Starting to Appear in Comics

Queer youth characters in comics offer a different voice.