Thursday, February 21st 2019

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Your Children’s Trees Makes Lasting Impact

Quincy Lee Staff Writer “These aren’t our trees. They are our children’s trees and our children’s children’s trees,” is the motto of the student volunteer organization,...

The Reincarnation of Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat 9 goes back to its roots.

White Night of Paris Lights Up the Night with Exotic Installations

Nuit Blanche a rewarding cultural tradition

Nostalgic Review: 8 Bit Gaming

David Mendez Video games, like all modern entertainment, grows more elaborate as technology improves. As consoles become more powerful, controllers get more buttons, and graphics...

Voyajor: Isla Vista’s Newest Talent

Bailey Emmanuels Rapper, entrepreneur, visionary: is there anything Jordan Friedman can’t do? Rapping under the name, Voyajor, Friedman began his career as a curious 12-year-old on...

Liking Linux

Liking linux, a student perspective.

Behind the Counter with the UCSB Soup Guy

Jonathan Lopez You’re young. Yesterday was a cold rainy day, and, against all the warnings you received from your teachers and guardians, you decided to...

Portal 2 Review: You’ll Love the Sequel

Portal 2 can't get all the praise it deserves.

Professors in Profile: Quentin Gee

Irene Chen Professor Quentin Gee, who currently teaches in both the Philosophy and Environmental Studies departments at the University of California, Santa Barbara, originally came...