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Isla Vista
Wednesday, August 5th 2020

Partisan Political Groups Shape Student Ideologies

The University of California Santa Barbara’s campus is home to sunny skies and long stretches of California coastline.

Moderate Earthquake Rocks Isla Vista from Santa Barbara Channel

Thomas Alexander Isla Vista Beat Reporter Isla Vista residents were rocked awake by a 4.8 magnitude earthquake that began in the Santa Barbara Channel at approximately...

Work From Home

Aisa Villanueva We're all guilty of being technologically dependent. We have become so adept to technological gadgets that it is like second nature to...

A Night in the Life of Santa Barbara County Fire Department: Halloween Style

While others took part in the classic if not cliché Isla Vista Halloween, I took the opportunity to shadow the

Students Stand with Survivors of Stalking

Morgan Bubman Walking into the conference room of the Women’s Resource Center, the audience of a support event for survivors of stalking was packed with lots...

UC Santa Barbara Fails Public Records Audit Report

UCSB fails Californians Aware audit, find out why

‘You still have time to be’: Anis Mojgani Inspires at Granada Books

Bailee Abell Staff Writer Photos by Benjamin Hurst, Staff Photographer It was an evening filled with sweet words leaping from the mouths of inspiring yet quirky performers....

AS ‘Inauguration Day’ Exposes Pent-up Frustration from Exiting Officials

Associated Students Beat Reporter Photo by Morey Spellman During the first of two Associated Students Senate meetings on Wednesday, May 22, exiting executive officers and senators...

Bursting the UCSB ‘Bubble’

Vijay Modi Staff Writer The tower bells ring as another day begins in a beautiful beach town. College students make their way to class on their...

AEPhi Conquers Poverty with BeadForLife

University of California Santa Barbara’s Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority