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Large Corporate Oil Companies Prevent Justice

Riki Ott spoke at the Bren School of Environmental Science and Managment about the harsh reality of the Golf oil spill.

UCSB Student Food Collective Plans Offer New Dining Choices

More than half of the produce served at UCSB dinning halls is locally grown.

Physicists from UCSB’s Martinis Group Achieve Improvements in Quantum Computing Research

UCSB's Martinis group in collaboration with Professor Andrewe Cleland successfully entangle 3 quantum bits of information in a solid state drive.

Download Volume 5 Issue 2, Now!

Download V5, Issue 2

Liking Linux

Liking linux, a student perspective.

Slideshow: UCSB Shout it Out Bingo

Shout it out Bingo!

Slideshow: Prop 23 Protest

The following is an exclusive slideshow regarding Proposition 23 protest that was held on October 8, 2010. You can read that story here. See...

American Abroad in Paris

Simone Spilka Writer Bonjour from Paris! For fall quarter of my third year I decided to take some quality time away from Santa Barbara to...

Graduating: Where the Fun Really Begins

Joe Raffanti Writer Years spent in college are supposed to be the best of our lives.  But what happens after graduation? “My first year out of college...

SBCC Board of Trustees Have Big Plans to Save Classes

Kelly Depner Writer As the upcoming midterm elections approach, Californians have been inundated with advertisements, news media, and political pundits focusing on the gubernatorial race....