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Isla Vista
Saturday, May 30th 2020

Rising Star James Franco Honored at SBIFF

James Franco graces the SBIFF and is met with a hoard of hysterical fans.

127 Hours Puts Life in Perspective

The film 127 Hours will put life into perspective.

The Kings Speech Leaves Audience Speechless

The Kings Speech will leave you speechless.

“The Space”: Isla Vista’s Rockin’ Music Hotbed

"The Space" is a lesser-known island of Isla Vista subculture, bringing the community music

Seneferu’s Paintings Do the Talking

San Francisco artist Malik Seneferu displays his paintings at the MCC.

“Buried Alive!”

Magic Lantern in Isla Vista, screens Buried, starring Ryan Reynolds.

Buyepongo Brings Latin Rhythms for Fast Feet

Buyepongo performs at the Multi Cultural Center and University of California, Santa Barbara.

Tears for Gaza Premieres in United States at UCSB

United States premiere of the documentary Tears for Gaza shows at the Multi Cultural Center

Kimya Dawson Rocks the 777

Kimya Dawson performed a concert at the URC to raise awareness about the interfaith cooperative household.

The Green Hornet: A Funny Failure

Review: The Green Hornet uneven script and predictable.