New Year’s Resolutions Of The Fashionista
by Claire Wei


A new year always brings optimism and a new glimmer of hope that people will actually accomplish their goals. For every fashionista, a new year brings new seasons of latest trends and “it” items. Unfortunately, this means more spending. To avoid maxing out your credit cards (especially in a sinking economy), follow these four simple New Year’s resolutions.

1. Look for quality, not quantity. Because the economy is in such bad shape, buying clothing items simply for their cheap prices will only make you pay for more because they keep breaking down. Accessories are great investments that last decades. Go to the handbag and shoe departments. These two are the fundamental elements every girl should invest in, no matter how tacky her fashion sense is. Payless heels that cost $20 have a life expectancy around six months to a year, depending on how often you wear them, whereas $200 Michael Kors flats will live to be 10 to 15 years. In the end, you save $100 and fourteen more trips to Payless (which by then will no longer be made). As for a handbag, choose a classic tote. Any time when you’re buying designer bags, you always want classics. Seasonal trends will only depreciate the value, but purses like Chanel’s Flap Bag only appreciate over the years. For starters, Marc Jacobs has great satchels and totes anywhere from $600 to $1000, relatively cheaper than Prada or Gucci.

2. Buy a pair of simple diamond studs. Many jewelry stores are going out of business because the public is too focused on paying their bills or refinancing to turn towards the glimmering diamonds. The combination of the going-out-of-business stores and public’s financial distraction is a perfect opening for someone who has some extra cash to buy her desperately longing desire. Pick the best diamond store in the bankrupt pile and fulfill that desire. Why buy diamonds in this state of crisis? It’s like resolution number one; buy them now so the prices don’t increase when the economy is back in shape. And bonus! They’re diamond studs, so like the shoes and handbags, they appreciate.

3. Buy clothes geared toward the future. Too many people are still caught up in the trendy whirlwind, and while it’s fabulous to keep up with the latest silhouettes and patterns, they don’t support much for the future. The whole point is to save money this year, right? So stop buying the hideously plastic bangles and liquid leggings from Reference. You will severely regret them five years from now if you do. Trust the Fashionista; she has gone through and predicted almost every trend since the age of 12. Splurge on a few items from every season, but reform your mindset to buy clothes that will last at least several seasons. Confused on which clothes are not one hit wonders? If your gut is shrieking the tiniest bit of “No!”, then don’t buy them. Even if you think they’re “cute”, they won’t be so stunning after a few weeks.

4. Stick to what you look best in. Sure, every year brings out the curiosity to incorporate something new and out-of-the-box, but that certainly gives you no leeway to adopt a new style. You are not getting a complete makeover; you are not on America’s Next Top Model. It’s good to mix and match to create your own individual style, but if Jackie O. was not comfortable with introducing a zebra-print dress to her monochromatic closet, you would not be audacious enough to wear Marc Jacobs’s flared high-waisted miniskirts if you normally wear Hollister’s. Changing up your wardrobe only requires adding one or two new pieces that still resemble the rest of your closet. This way, you’re not stuck trying to tie a tuxedo jacket in with your jeans-and-tee-shirts collection. Narrow your fashion cravings to five pieces from different categories (pants, tops, etc.) and out of the five choose two pieces that add new interest to the rest of your clothes. But pay attention! The two new pieces must flatter your body. If you have bigger hips and thighs, don’t suddenly buy liquid leggings; that’ll only heighten the monstrosity of your lower torso. The same goes for someone without va-va-voom curves. Don’t choose a shapeless chiffon dress since that will only make you look like you are wearing a hospital gown. 

We all want the latest Dior bags and Valentino dresses, but desperate times call for desperate measures. However, with these New Year’s resolutions, you won’t look desperately drab.  

Have a fashionable day,
The Fashionista