Madonna’s Candy A Sticky, Sweet Confection
by Tracy Bueno


In a month full of new releases from some familiar faces (Ashlee Simpson’s Bittersweet World, Mariah Carey’s Einstein borrowed equation E=MC²) the month of April clearly belongs to the ladies. The end of the month clearly belongs to the Queen of Pop herself, Madonna and her new disc, Hard Candy.

After 2005’s disco-themed ruckus Confessions on a Dancefloor, Madonna reinvents herself, collaborating with duo Timbaland and Justin Timberlake, as well as Pharrell Williams and Kanye West for a more youthful, hip-hop sound that tones down the electronic, beat heavy stylings her fans usually expect.

I glanced over the press release on her official website,, and stated it’s “delicious” and “kicks your ass.” Well, it kicks mine – to get up and dance! Usually for me, I don’t know what to expect from any album Madonna does because it’s always something different; one doesn’t want the same stuff over and over because it gets boring.

On this one, her 11th album, the first track “Candy Shop” is pretty self-explanatory and perhaps the metaphor for “candy galore” resonates throughout the rest of the disc. “4 Minutes,” the current single featuring Justin Timberlake and Timbaland, is one of my favorites, the marching-band style drums combined with hip-hop reminded me of “Hung Up” (“tick tock, tick tock, tick tock”), but it just stuck to me.

The party doesn’t stop, but takes a breather with “Miles Away” a song that revisits to her familiar territory. Hey, even Timberlake “takes it to the club” with “Dance Tonight” that features lots of streaming guitar. Some disco can be found in “She’s Not Me” an ode to a lover who can’t seem to get over his ex (“She might cook you breakfast and love you in the shower / The flavor of the moment, ‘cause she don’t have what’s ours”).

Another one of my faves is “Give It 2 Me,” it keeps on going like an Energizer bunny in a trance. She goes back to the ‘80s with “Heartbeat” and “Beat Goes On” featuring a cameo from Mr. West and Pharrell. On one of the more fun ditties,“Spanish Lesson,” Madonna gives us a twist on the lingo backed by strong guitar that would make me learn the tango in an instant.

From start to finish, track after track, Hard Candy is full of sweetness and pure madness that continuously energizes.

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