Gaucho Alumnus Produces Totally Rad Podcast
by Nick West


A new type of content distribution known as podcasting has been around for a couple of years now and is growing with increasing support from more and more creators of content. One of the best podcasts on the net is The Totally Rad Show, (TRS). A geek culture show that seeks to return to a sense of enthusiasm over cynicism that rests at the core of every fanatics heart, I talked to one of the hosts, and UCSB alumnus, Jeff Cannata, about the show and just what makes it rad.

In our talk, Jeff revealed that TRSs three hosts, Dan Trachtenberg, Alex Albrecht, and Jeff himself, met through a Dungeons and Dragons play group in Los Angeles. The three found a shared interest in the content and culture that surrounds movies, video games, comics, and television. This common interest led to talks and lunches doing a podcast together through Alex’s connection with podcast distributor Revision 3, who previously hosted a podcast which Dan had hosted.

With this plan in mind, the three guys joined with a fourth member of the now concrete TRS team, Steve, who does the post-production on the show and mans the camera used to film the other three. They began to shoot test shows over several months and went live with their first episode nearly one year ago. The show’s production and distribution is supported is through ads that appear at the beginning and end of the show from such names as Virgin America Airlines and Netflix, who usually offer coupon codes to the audience for use.
These ads also go to a salary for the production team, but each has other revenue streams other than the slice of ad revenue.

If you are a fan of movies, games, comics and anything/everything in between, check out the Totally Rad Show to hear about everything that is awesome and rad, by logging on to or going to iTunes and search for Totally Rad Show to find this podcast and a ton of quality content. Go check out the show so that you can understand why I want this piece to end in a fist pound and an earth-rocking explosion.