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Defending, not Defunding the University, a “Teach-In” at Campbell Hall

October 14, 2009 News 3 Comments

University of California, Santa Barbra is holding today “Defending the University: A ‘Teach-In” on the Current Crisis at Campbell Hall, an event that is both educational and political with the purpose to provide an analysis of the UC system budget crisis. The event is held from 2:30-10pm.

Panels include, Meaning of the Teach-In, The crisis at the University of California, California Politics: What Reforms Do We Need?, Breakout workshops distributed throughout campus, and Where Do We Go From Here?

You can watch the Teach-In stream live here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/uc

Or You can Listen to the Teach-In live at KCSB: http://www.kcsb.org/

Below is a list of times and speakers for the event today.

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Gregory Porter Inspires at Campbell Hall

21 Jan 2015


Rick Wang Photo by Tiffany Wu, Staff Photographer On a mild night in mid-January, the once bike-laden paths leading toward Campbell Hall filled with excited concert-goers, and the vestibule inside buzzed with excitement in anticipation of Grammy-winning Gregory Porter.

‘Girls’ Gone Wild…ly Explicit

21 Jan 2015

Fortune Most Powerful Women 2012

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Creative Culture Block Party

24 Apr 2014

Creative Culture Block Party

The Student Resource Building at UC Santa Barbara held its first ever Creative Culture Block Party on Friday, April 17th.  Student artists and performers were given the opportunity to display their works, ranging from drawings, photography, songs, dance, spoken word, and other media, which was funded by the Micheal D. …

Record Store Day

23 Apr 2014

Record Store Day

On April 17th 2014, Record Store Day was celebrated across the US and internationally. Started in 2007, it celebrates vinyls and the culture of independently owned record stores. Video by Crystal Chen Music by: Tommy Tutone – Jenny

UCSB Celebrates Holi

23 Apr 2014

UCSB Celebrates Holi

UCSB Indus, a group that aims to increase cultural awareness of South Asian culture on campus, celebrated Holi, the South Asian festival of colors, on Sunday Apr. 13 2014. UCSB Indus strives to bring students together for a time of celebration and fun to kick in the spring. Pooja Pujara …


Research Reveals Tanning Troubles

21 Jan 2015

Samantha Stopol Scientific analysis of tanning beds has recently been released, and the findings highlight a major health issue: skin cancer. Multiple university departments and medical centers contributed to this research, including the University of California San Francisco, the University of California Berkeley, Stanford, the University of Cambridge, and the …

Promising Antibiotic Discovered in Dirt

21 Jan 2015


Peter Crump Staff Writer Teixobactin, a newly discovered antibiotic, has not only proven to be an effective bacteria killer, but promises to put an end to the growing threat of antibacterial resistant diseases.